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Our Mission

At Comfort & Care of Tampa Bay our  mission is to improve people’s lives. Our clients live longer, healthier and more meaningful lives. We provide great opportunities to our caregivers while helping others and making a difference.

We’re here to help

Our clients range in age from the very young to the elderly. We serve clients with any condition resulting in long term physical or mental disability such as:

  • traumatic brain injury suffered after a car or motorcycle accident,
  • botched surgery,
  • medical malpractice,
  • dementia,
  • Alzheimer’s disease,
  • Parkinson’s disease

Our Approach

We listen, and pay attention to every detail, and then, take a proactive approach. As a result, we find the most effective solutions to our client’s problems. By all means, understanding our clients is what helps us best serve their emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Implementing new instructions as quickly as possible ensures the greatest amount of comfort to our clients.

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Unique Services

Our skilled, professional caregivers speak different languages in order to accommodate client’s social and cultural needs. The services are available to travel with clients on vacation and extended trips. Unlike any other company, we offer free of charge surveillance equipment to every client. In addition, we monitor these cameras to ensure safety and quality care. Our management is available 24/7.

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Client Centered

We appreciate the trust that our clients have given us, remaining in our care for years. Because, at Comfort & Care we have the time to get to know our clients and give them the time they deserve. It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to help our clients while they learn to be independent of us and then return to their former lifestyles. However, if this isn’t possible we gladly assist as they move on to the next stage in their lives.

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Proactive Approach

A proactive approach aligned with holistic care enables our staff to improve our clients’ health. Our staff RN identifies our clients’ unique and individual risks.  Further, we monitor our clients. Therefore, we are aware at the earliest stage that our clients may require an adjustment to their diet or add a supplement to avoid having a new medication prescribed that may have unpleasant side effects to the client.

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