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Comfort & Care offers assisted living in the homes of our clients.  We care for adults of any age with disabled conditions. Typically our clients are seniors of advanced stage.We believe there is no place like home to provide a healing, relaxing environment when recovering from an illness, injury or surgical procedure. It is the place where family, friends, and familiar surroundings make you feel most comfortable – and recover faster. Comfort & Care home care services are provided by highly trained home health care professionals dedicated to the care and comfort of our patients.


  Home care services offered are:


• HOMEMAKER ( 6 HRS, 12 HRS, 24 HRS)





HHAs, CNAs provide certain personal care assistance and what we call instrumental activities of daily living:


1)         Bathing

2)         Dressing

3)         Walking,

4)         Getting in & out of the bed or a chair,

5)         Help getting to the bathroom,

6)         Dealing with incontinence.

7)         Make sure our clients get their medications on time,

8)         General safety supervision,

9)         Companionship to prevent loneliness

10)      Transportation to necessary appointments or just to get out of the house


HHAs, CNAs, Companions, Homemakers provide household type tasks  including but not limited to:


1)      Keeping the clients living room area tidy and organized

2)      Prepare meals

3)      Do laundry

4)      Shopping

5)      Errands

6)      Phone in-home check-in



We know our competition pretty well. So here is why we think Comfort & Care offers a significantly superior level of services:


1)       We are not a franchise and we are not owned by or affiliated with any national company.

Our local owners know that our success depends upon delivering the consistently superior in home elderly care services that residents and referring professionals in our community have come to expect.

2)       Even though we deliver many hundreds of hours each month, the owners of Comfort & Care personally perform all client visits and select the right aids for our clients. Most companies use office employees, called staffing coordinators or schedulers, who do much of the work of assigning aids to particular cases. But these personal usually have never even met the clients and may not know the unique needs of each client.


3)       We treat our aids well and are rewarded with a large influx of quality applicants seeking work with our company. We look for properly qualified aids, processing the same kinds of qualities you would want: a cheerful attitude, a record of reliability, evidence of initiative and a good work ethics, good communication skills and genuine kindness.  We take great pains to find the right aid for each client. Our clients and families are almost always delighted right from the start. You don’t have to just take my word for this. The many testimonials put on our website are just a few excerpts from the scores of wonderful letters from our clients and their families over the years.


4)      We are required to be licensed by the Agency of Health Care Administration and periodically undergo stringent unannounced audits.



Comfort & Care also offers these additional benefits:


1)      Licensed by the Department of Health as a provider of home care in Florida.

2)     Fidelity bond, general AND professional liability coverage

3)     Hourly and live-in home assistance at competitive rates

4)     No additional fees for nights or weekends

5)     Individualized care plan

6)     Individualized time sheets

7)     Supervisors directly reachable 24/7 – NO time-wasting answering service

8)    Whether you’re seeking senior care in Pinellas or Pasco, Comfort & Care Home Care stands ready to help you.




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