Who may benefit from the services we provide?

Comfort & Care offers what may be described as assisted living in the homes of our clients. Our clients are typically seniors of advanced stage, although we also care for adults of any age with disabled conditions, someone who has long term physical or cognitive or emotional care needs and does not require skilled care on an ongoing basis.



What’s the benefit of employing Comfort & Care rather then hiring individual providers?

The benefits of employing COMFORT &CARE  as opposed to individual providers are several. COMFORT & CARE is equipped to do things like screening beforehand, “C&C” does tuberculosis testing, which we don’t think about unless there is a problem with it, “C&C” does criminal background checks, reference checks. other things that are advantage of “C&C”is that if there is a problem with one person you can find replacements in an easy manner, and it is very – very common for people to find one wonderful very caring independent provider that is their dream. The problem is, typically, for an older adult  the time they need somebody starts increasing and that wonderful person isn’t available at night so they start bringing a family member, a friend or  somebody they met at the bus stop and it gets out of the control. They are not there for emergency. “C&C”  has supervisors directly reachable 24/7 – NO time-wasting answering service, so if there is a problem at night we can take care of it . The other thing, probably, as much as important as the skill set and the availability of care worker is the individual characteristics of that care worker and the family member,  “C&C” thinks chemistry is important. “C&C” has a large pool to choose from.  We are not only choosing someone that can do the task, that can make sure to bathe Mom, and make her meals the way she likes it, but maybe is an extroverted  personality that she wants as a companion, or knows how to be quite and goes in the other room when she is not  needed depending on the individual preferences  of that family.



What services does a Registered Nurse Provide?

Registered Nurse provides the skilled services that cannot be performed safely and effectively by nonprofessional personal. Some of these services include injections, wound care, administer  an enema, education on disease treatment and prevention,  and patient assessment.  So, that can be doing injections, BP, doing all kinds of things associated with curing and making someone better generally in an acute environment.



What is a preliminary evaluation?

Registered  Nurse  conducts an evaluation within  48 hours to find out which services will be needed.

It  is done in your home  not over the telephone.

It highlight what you can do for yourself.  It includes talking with oncology professionals, your family doctor, and other professionals who are already providing you with health and social services. Other members of your family are consulted.



Does the agency create a plan of care for each new patient?

The plan is carefully and professionally developed with you and your family,

The plan of care  is written out and copies given to all involved.  It lists specific duties, work hours/days, and the name and phone number of the supervisor in charge. The plan of care  is updated as your needs change?



Does the agency accept Medicare?

No, Comfort & Care of Tampa Bay is not enrolled in Medicare.  We will clarify whether you or your family member qualifies for Medicare-covered home care or whether you even want it.



Medicare Coverage.

Long-Term Care Plan includes medical & non-medical care for people who have chronic illness or disability. Non-Medical care includes non-skilled personal care assistance, such as help with everyday activities like dressing, bathing, and using the bathroom. Medicare and most health insurance plans, including Medigap ( Medicare Supplement Insurance) policies  don’t pay for this type of care, also called “custodial care”.

Medicare does not pay for long-term care in the home unless you meet certain conditions. You must be home-bound which means that leaving home is a major effort. Medicare will pay for a short-term stay in a nursing home (up to 100 days, with medical doctor approval). Medicare will pay for “Skilled Care” home visits which includes a registered Nurse(R.N.), Speech Therapist (S.T.), Physical Therapist (P.T.), Occupational Therapist (O.T.). These skilled professionals are preapproved for visits by a medical doctor and will make hourly visits to the home to provide their care services. If these services are required, typically the doctor approves the services upon discharge from the hospital or nursing home.



What is the procedure for receiving and resolving complaints?

(727) 688-0587 is a 24-hour number you can call when you have questions or comments.




We can start services as quickly as it is needed. We serve Pinellas & Pasco counties. We do not offer specialized services by rehabilitation therapists, dietitians, family counselors, or art therapists.



Hourly Care.

Comfort & Care offers hourly  care at a single competitive rate whether it is during the day time or night with no additional charge for weekend care. We hire caregivers who work with clients on a recurrent schedule, usually 2 to 3 primary aids for each client to provide certain personal care assistance and household tasks. The assigned caregivers help to fill in for each other, which eliminates the stress on the client and their family to have a temporary substitute. In order to attract and retain the best caregivers and achieve lasting relationships between our clients and caregivers we ask our clients to engage us for at least 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. It is acceptable to change the hours after your initial start-up, as often the real needs are exposed after the caregiver has started services. Care Manager will introduce and train the caregiver on the first visit.



Hourly Care Overview.

 Minimum Hours per Visit: 6 hours

Cost:$15-$18 per hour (varies)

Schedule: Regular schedule required to staff consistent caregiver, acceptable to change schedule.

Benefit of Hourly Care: We are responsible to make sure a caregiver is always there at scheduled time.



Live-in Care.

Seniors who need someone to be with them around-the-clock, but are able to allow the caregiver to adequately sleep at night, will require a live-in caregiver. Live-in caregivers work a few days at a time and are paid a daily salary, not an hourly rate. The caregiver does not actually “live” with the senior, but will go to their own home between the shifts. Typically a team of two caregivers will rotate days to provide the client with a consistent team. The client is required to provide food for the caregiver and a place for them to sleep. It is important for the senior client to be comfortable with someone sharing their home. If the client’s condition changes and they need the caregiver to regularly be up with them at night, then it will be necessary to switch to around-the-clock hourly care.




Live-in Care Overview.

Cost: $180 $250 per day

Schedule: Minimum of two caregivers will rotate days.

Benefits of Live-in Care: For nearly the same cost as a nursing home, a client receives one-on-one care from a devoted caregiver and is able to remain in their own home.



How does the agency handle payment and billing?


We bill weekly, costs, payment procedures, and billing is put in writing in the service agreement. The client gets a copy.

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